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Fixed price commitments

ADM3 - Fixed Price Project

Whether a project appears as simple as painting by numbers or is as complex as sending a man to the Moon (complete design, build & delivery of a unique & complex system), Altran provides an integrated project organisation, tailored to the requirements & scope, which pulls skills & expertise from a number of engineering domains - so as to ensure timely production of all deliverables & the successful achievement of milestones within the predefined scope & agreed price.

ADM 4 – Outsourced Services

When clients keep in house the planning of their complex developments or enter into production/maintenance phases but desire to benefit from Altran’s skills & commitments, Altran works on a recurrent work-package or an activity based pricing approach and:  

  • provides access to a portfolio of services & solutions at a fixed price per activity or per recurrent work-package;
  • guarantees quality of outcomes - deliverables are on-time, on-cost & on scope.

How do Fixed Price Commitments (ADM3 & ADM4) work?

  • Client provides a clear statement of work or specification of requirements;
  • Together, Altran &  the client agree on a fixed-price contract based on deliverables with acceptance criteria, due date or milestones for the services or activities to be performed;
  • Altran is fully accountable for the project team set-up & execution (owns & manages the planning, the selection & allocation of resources);
  • Altran commits with regards to schedule, cost, quality & scope for the services or activities; 
  • Billing triggered by milestones or completion of work-activities;
  • Change control process required.