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Competences & skills commitments

ADM1 - Consultancy & Technical Support

Providing technical support & subject matter expertise on a Time & Materials basis to support clients on their projects.

How does this work? 

  • Business typically awarded on a purchase order or rate-card basis;
  • Client owns & manages the schedule & the allocation of resources; 
  • Billings are on the basis of the actual time expended.

ADM2 - Competences – a team of managed consultants

Access to a portfolio of skills provided on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) basis & supported by Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

How does this work? 

  • Service Level Agreement or frame contract typically in place; 
  • Client chooses from a pool of resources, the people or the competences that will be provided to the managed service including the team leader;
  • Client owns the staffing plan & manages the requirements for resources;
  • Altran manages the team which is “hand-picked”’ by the client & reports Key Performance Indicators;
  • Billings are on the basis of the actual resources used or time expended.