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Altran’s Mechanical Engineering Solution covers the analysis, conception, production and maintenance of different systems. This solution requires a sound knowledge of the basic concepts, including mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, as well as material and energy sciences.

Altran’s role involves the creation of new mechanical engineering activities and services for clients, as well as the optimisation of existing activities. Altran is renowned for its skills and expertise and proposes a global services offering. Our mechanical systems solutions cover a wide range of sectors including automobiles, construction, complex machinery in general and transport (planes, aviation structures and spatial systems; automotive and train, etc), as well as energy production systems (development of renewable energy and nuclear power systems).

Our customers' needs

  • The support of specialists with a solid understanding of the specific characteristics of the client’s product segment 
  • The ability to benefit from the expertise of a mixed team of engineers and technicians 
  • Supplier flexibility (ranging from answering isolated needs to providing global project management solutions) the advantages of having access to a great diversity of delivery models 
  • Shared responsibilities via work packages managed by suppliers 
  • Global project outsourcing, from study phase to production/application (outsourcing/offshoring) 
  • More innovation due to shorter product cycles 
  • Cost-effective suppliers

Five main technological areas in the field of Mechanics