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Altran's website dedicated to Intelligent Systems

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Intelligent Systems is the name for the new generation of embedded and real-time systems that are highly connected, with massive processing power and performing complex applications.

Intelligent Systems / Altran is Altran’s dedicated organisation offering packaged solutions to clients in all industries, helping them create new business opportunities and new experiences for their users in applications areas such as autonomous systems, smart phones, smart meters, medical devices, connected cars, advanced air traffic control and smart sensors.

Intelligent Systems / Altran believes that the key challenges for these intelligent systems are not only technology issues such as integration, security and safety but also usage and finding profitable business models. To better answer these challenges, Intelligent Systems / Altran expertise is provided by six global practices, which offer the building blocks for intelligent systems solutions. The six Global Practices (Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronics, Safety, Security and Connectivity), encompassing 3000 engineers, are networked into global delivery centres enabling project implementation throughout Asia, Europe and North America. They are benefited from registrations such as ISO9001, ISO27001 and EN9100.

Keith Williams, CTO
Keith Williams, CTO