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Innovative Product Development

For a long time, innovation was a secret that businesses guarded jealously, an asset carefully concealed in order to yield greater profit. Given the ever-increasing complexity of technologies and shorter time-to-market requirements, certain players are gradually opting to outsource their innovation processes so that they can focus either on their core activities or on products requiring new skills. As such, more and more companies are forging alliances with groups like Altran for support not only on individual projects but also for end-to-end product development, right from concept-creation through to design and prototyping.

Altran’s new solution, Innovative Product Development, is designed to address R&D outsourcing issues that are common to all industries. As global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting, Altran accompanies its clients in the creation and development of their new products and services. Altran’s Innovative Product Development solution enables the Group’s clients to outsource all or part of their R&D processes and thus obtain turnkey products. From the concept-creation and innovation stages through to supply chain management, Altran’s services are underpinned by the Group’s tried and tested expertise.

Innovative Product Development is Altran’s answer to the Open Innovation principle. It is one of the Group’s five solutions, put forward by Altran’s highly-skilled, specialist subsidiaries Cambridge Consultants, Scalae, and Foliage. Altran is perfectly positioned to provide optimal support for clients wishing to adopt a more open innovation approach by outsourcing product industrialisation, production or development within the context of their make-or-buy strategies.

Innovative Product Development

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