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The Information Systems business environment has been and is still going through major transformations in terms of actors' needs and expectations.

Traditionally, the Information Systems scope has been based on "standard commercial solutions" (management support, customer relations, business intelligence, etc.), but at present customers expect ad-hoc solutions to fully cover their needs (multi-channel, mobility, pay-per-use, "open" technologies, etc.). In addition, of course, they are also looking for a large improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Actors must combine the traditional methodological approach with key components (change and program management, processes efficiency, innovation, etc.) and must provide end-to-end solutions in order to ensure the success of this transformation.

The Information Systems environment focuses on continuous improvement rather than perpetual creation. Therefore, leading actors need collaborative models that are based on the knowledge of customer needs: performance, quality and continuous improvement. Close links with customers are becoming increasingly important and these play a key role in the success of IS projects, in particular when combined with global support from an organisation with an international presence.