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Today’s markets are evolving at a fast pace, with increased challenges in terms of innovation, whilst having to maintain quality levels and remain cost effective. Moreover, increasingly blurred boundaries between industries are raising new issues relating to integration.

To better serve its clients in this fast-moving world, Altran has set up dedicated multinational organisations with an integrated approach across all industries and created Group Solutions in five key areas.

Altran’s Group Solutions are:

These Group Solutions include:

  • a global network of Centres of Expertise, for the delivery of complex, multinational projects;
  • management of Experience & Knowledge Building, ensuring that best practices and expertise are placed at customers' disposal at all times.

These Group Solutions provide packaged, off-the-shelf or bespoke offers. These packaged offers are based on Altran’s 30 years of expertise, as well as key Intellectual Property from Altran R&D programmes and a partnership-based ecosystem. Fully benefiting from Altran’s strength of experience in the field, these Solutions are of value to all industries and have a key role to play in enabling cross-innovation.