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Altran, a strategic partner

As a strategic services company, Altran provides support for a large number of European companies with respect to their services outsourcing strategies.

Leader in innovation technology, Altran can provide end-to-end or building-block solutions in a wide range of fields such as Technology and R&D Consulting, Organisation and Information Systems Consulting, as well as Strategy and Management Consulting.

This market trend with regard to outsourcing, coupled with the increasing complexity of technological projects, is making engineering sector players and their clients aware that one company operating on its own cannot, at any moment, come up with the optimal offer, which means that customers have to wait.

At the same time, clients focusing on their core businesses are reticent to manage a variety of different service providers.

Thanks to the complementary skills of these companies, Altran can offer (either by pooling the know-how of these firms, or via outsourcing) increasingly sophisticated end-to-end solutions and innovations tailored to a precision that its main competitors cannot rival.

Portrait édito C. Roger
Cyril Roger, Senior Executive Vice-President for Southern Europe

As such, Altran Technologies, Europe’s leading engineering consulting group, is focusing on these changing market trends to launch a major project designed to set up a network of European partners.

This network is targeting a leading role in tailoring services to match clients’ end-to-end requirements throughout the major industrial sectors in most European countries. Via this network, the chosen partners will have access to significant business volumes, as well as state-of-the-art projects set up by major industrial groups.

The major challenge for Altran as regards this kind of network is the need to concentrate efforts on steering the project and providing optimal technological solutions for major industries, without dispersing its energy on constructing the expertise that it lacks and which has already been acquired by its partners.