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ESTEREL Technologies

Esterel Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc., is the leading provider of critical systems and software development solutions for the aerospace, defense, rail transportation, nuclear, and industrial domains. System and software engineers use Esterel SCADE® solutions to graphically design, verify, and automatically generate critical systems and software applications with high dependability requirements. SCADE solutions easily integrate, allowing for development optimisation and increased communication among team members. 

Altran is Esterel's Exclusive Global SCADE System, SCADE Suite and SCADE Display Certified Partner.

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Keonys assists companies in monitoring and enhancing their industrial performances thanks to its expertise in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technologies. Benefiting from a 19-year track record, Keonys, the former French/Belgian sales division of Dassault Systèmes, is the main distributor and integrator for Dassault Systèmes’ PLM solutions in Europe.

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CERAM, a member of UTAC (Technical Union for the Automobile, Motorcycle and Cycle Industries) since 2008, has a longstanding experience in the field of validation testing, notably endurance, suspension and fatigue rigs testing.

In addition, CERAM is also specialised in infrastructure rental, as well as setting up training programmes and organising special events for carmakers and suppliers.

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Acoustics and vibrations specialists 01dB-Metravib offer global solutions and products in the field of acoustics and vibrations technologies. To meet the particularly wide range of demand in this sector, this company manufactures hardware, publishes software, and provides engineering solutions, expertise, services, research and training.

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Peters Engineering’s solutions are geared towards optimising the realisation of projects in the engineering sector, notably those related to nuclear plants. In addition, the company provides a reserve of qualified personnel to ensure the setting up of several major projects for Peters Engineering AG, in Ludwigshafen (Germany). Moreover, Peters Engineering France SARL benefits from the experience as well as in-depth know-how of its parent, Peters Engineering AG.

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