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Tier 1 Telecom Infra provider

Nokia India GDC for network operations services

Transforming Nokia’s global delivery centers

As a leader in network infrastructure and advanced technologies, Nokia has awarded Altran with a contract for its Global Delivery Center (GDC) in two locations in India: Noida and Chennai, to support Network Operations for its customers globally. More than 500 Altran experts work together with Nokia’s own global service delivery teams in both locations.

Nokia benefit from full life-cycle services through the Industrialized GlobalShore® model, delivering flexibility, scale and speed. These are key assets to support Nokia in bringing products and services to market faster. 

Tier 1 Telecom Infra provider

Silicon Design Project

Industrialized GlobalShore® project for ASIC verification 

Altran manages an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Product Development Unit in its Global Delivery Center (GDC) in India to support a leading Telecom Equipment Provider. This digital radio ASIC Product Development Unit is responsible for securing the niche engineering skills required to perform ASIC Verification. Through this project, Altran actively contributes to the Next Generation of Radio Equipment supporting 5G technology while providing the client with upside Engineering R&D capacity.

Tier 1 Telecom Operator

Private Cloud Network Services

International Unified and M2M Communications turnkey delivery 

A Tier 1 Global operator was looking to launch new global enterprise services, namely Borderless Enterprise and Global M2M connectivity, by implementing an NGN international private cloud from scratch in 5 countries and 2 continents, to serve large multinational customers and decrease operational costs.

The Altran team successfully provided full-site and platform engineering, integration, end-to-end testing, project management and Second-level operational support for all platform services.

Tier 1 Telecom Operator

Data Production & Loading management for the leading European operator

Reducing operational costs with Altran Expertise Center

Altran was a Global supplier for the number 1 European operator. The company outsourced to Altran all RAN-Core-Backbone-IN-Transmission-IP services related to network data configuration (production & loading) and network evolution for the Italian market. Main activities included:

  • Validation of Network Engineering feasibility studies for network expansion and rollout, 
  • Field operation interworking for network provisioning, 
  • Troubleshooting and support for network operations

Altran guaranteed Service Quality by implementing specific KPIs and SLAs and was able to considerably reduce the network operational expenses.


the largest privately owned communications and broadcasting group in Italy and among the largest in the world)

Altran supports Mediaset to implement 360° video

Altran was a technological partner of Mediaset to shoot the 2016-2017 season of the TV reality show "Big Brother VIP” with an innovative 360° video technology system

Altran created an infrastructure for audio/video shots using 360° video technology for Mediaset holding in Italy. 

The infrastructure provided by Altran stood out by providing multiple camera angles in the house, from which live streaming video was broadcast at the schedule agreed upon with the director. Footage was used to produce on-demand video content (clips).

Thanks to this pioneering project, Altran consolidated its key role as a supporter of media broadcasters in this phase of convergence from traditional TV to web/mobile TV.