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Key assets

World Class Center Advanced Networks

Master your network evolution with a high-quality partner

Growing demand for data flows is putting ever more pressure on networks, which must support multiple and complex technologies with high flexibility at the lowest operational cost. Telco players need the right partner – global, flexible and reliable – to support new network transformation projects. 

Altran supports the entire lifecycle and value chain of Fixed / Mobile networks, focusing on engineering and critical operations. We enable Telecom Operators to efficiently design and manage the introduction and integration of new network technologies like SON, Telco Cloud, SDN, Virtualization, 5G. In addition, we help Telecom Vendors successfully integrate those new technologies into Telecom Operator Networks.

Anechoic chamber

Cambridge Consultants has acquired a “Stargate 64” anechoic radio test facility to help maximize performance of the wireless products it develops – particularly in the rapidly growing sector of connected wearable technology.

The Satimo Stargate 64 – named after its ring of 64 test antennas that recalls the portal from the sci-fi franchise of the same name – is located within a fully anechoic 6-m3 test chamber. It offers full three-dimensional measurement and visualization of the performance of both radio and device antennas over the air – making it possible to accurately measure body-worn products and their antennas in situ.

World Class Center IoT Solutions

IoT (Internet of Things) is disrupting every aspect of the economy. VueForge® is Altran’s end-to-end offering to support enterprises in transforming their business & organization, connecting machines, objects, people and environment, creating value from data for business, employees and clients. 

Altran’s IoT solutions World Class Center (WCC) is supporting VueForge® solutions for clients across sectors.

This WCC helps clients capture improvements in terms of operational efficiency and the business development opportunities arising from IoT, with a focus on harvesting, transporting and managing data & services. In particular, it provides unique capabilities for consulting on IoT End-to-end technological architecture, IoT communication network technologies (LoRA, SigFox, etc.), and development of customized IoT projects.