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ESA Solar Orbiter

Selected as a key supplier in an influential solar science project

European Union

ESA’s Solar Orbiter will fly within 45 million km of the sun, closer than Mercury. Tessella, Altran’s World Class Center for Analytics, is responsible for the advanced analytics that underpin the safety and performance of the mission, ensuring its scientific legacy. The advanced analytics will control and stabilize the €300 million mission as it navigates through solar winds to complete over 6 sun orbits, revolutionizing understanding of our sun.


Supporting the mass reduction of the European flagship project Galileo, the future European Global Positioning System

Space OEM

The Galileo Satellite Networks will provide geographic localization to commercial and military devices. Altran has contributed to this project by developing a finite element method (FEM) analysis of the mechanical structure of the satellites to verify how several hypothesis of mass reduction impact their normal mode behavior.


Developing an integrated set of tracking algorithms for Multi-Function Radar, leader in its field

BAE Systems

BAE Systems’ SAMPSON multi-function radar can detect all types of targets out to a distance of 400 km and its advanced analytics can track hundreds of targets at any one time. Tessella, Altran’s World Class Center for Analytics, supported the development of the integrated set of automated tracking algorithms that underpin the radar’s advanced capabilities. 

Upgrade of the Spearfish Heavyweight Torpedo

Bringing together all aspects of safety control in a single embedded system

BAE Systems

The UK’s Ministry of Defense awarded BAE Systems a £270 million contract to upgrade the Spearfish Heavyweight Torpedo in order to extend the life of the device, improve safety and provide more capable data links between the weapon system and the launching vessel. Altran was selected to design and manufacture Safety Electronics Units for this upgrade. Our specialists in embedded and safety-critical systems engineering designed and manufactured Safety Electronics Units that bring together Spearfish’s complete safety control in a single embedded system.


Ensuring safety for the biggest and most advanced UAV program in Europe


Thales selected Altran as safety partner for its Watchkeeper WK 450, which will provide the UK armed forces with essential ISTAR capability based on a tactical UAV system. Altran delivered the safety integration for the entire vehicle, covering all airborne and ground-based embedded systems, and including safety management of the entire vehicle supply chain. The main deliverable was an electronic safety case to support release into service, which was developed using the eSafetyCase technology.