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Key assets

POP 3D: space-age 3D printing gets its initial test run thanks to Altran innovation

The “Portable Onboard Printer 3D” or POP 3D, designed and manufactured by Altran in cooperation with Thales Alenia Space and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), paved the way for a future system of automated additive manufacturing aboard the ISS, allowing for in situ production of useful objects (new or replacement parts) without having to wait for supply missions. It is a significant contribution to innovation, providing the space station with manufacturing capabilities. This experiment, which ran for about one hour, consisted of an automated session for the production of small plastic objects.

Sun Cloud, a modular, solar-powered and unmanned airship

The purposes of this Altran R&D project was to design and develop a solar-powered, multi-purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. 

Altran has performed a feasibility study based on the global dimensioning and 3D modelling of the aircraft. Altran developed a three-pronged solution based on: structural modularity, functional modularity, multi-criteria optimization.

An expertise center dedicated to cybersecurity

This expertise center based in France is specialized in cybersecurity from information systems to embedded and connected devices. It offers a real answer to the needs in this field with a pragmatic approach,  practical methods and technical solutions. In particular, Altran counts on strong partnerships on some specific and efficient tools and a lab for experimentation and training.