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An industry award-winning data analytics application that provided significant performance improvements via data analytics of a commuter train

Railway operator

The Train Automatic Performance Analysis System (TAPAS), developed by Altran, continuously tracks vehicles, service delivery, drivers and energy consumption. This system delivers a significant reduction in delays and cancellations (up to 63 and 66% respectively) and is able to extend asset life, cut in-service failure (from 40 failures per month to 12), boost efficiency and improve passenger service.

Taiwan high speed rail safety project

An independent safety assessment rail project for a blue chip customer

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)

Having offered Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) expertise in safety critical systems and signaling safety for over a decade, Altran was selected to provide support for the latest Taiwan High Speed Rail upgrade and extension project. Altran undertook safety assessments and an audit of software and signaling data preparation activities on the Shinkansen system covering wayside, central control and on-board systems.


A unique approach utilizing an array of data sources, to provide an alternative method of determining train positions

Network rail

The UK is centralizing its signaling system with the development of Railway Operating Centers, which, while they enhance reliability, are likely to increase the impact of waiting times following signaling failures. In this context, Altran has been selected to take part in the development of the Combined Positioning Alternative Signaling System (COMPASS), which leverages a wide array of data sources to determine train position, direction and speed in real time for safety critical commands and information update requirements. Altran provided an alternative method of determining train positions.

Pre-engineering project

A Pre-engineering delivery center for rolling stock

Railway Manufacturer

The  client needs a provider to support establishment of a Pre-engineering delivery center for Rolling stock design. The center must address strategic activities such as project pre-engineering phases: bid engineering activities, preliminary design and drafting of specifications (Phase S) for mechanical, system and validation engineering projects. Altran’s technical approach drew on our client’s achievements and our experience and expertise to support the client’s objective of standardizing and ultimately purchasing fixed-price work from a Pre-Engineering Center, using a dimensioned service catalogue of Rolling stock activity.

New access to the Amsterdam harbor with a 3D virtual lock

Creating the world’s largest sea lock

Infrastructure manufacturer

The new sea lock will allow better accessibility for ever larger sea vessels and pave the way for the Port of Amsterdam to maintain or even improve its position as Europe’s third largest port. Altran was involved with the design and realization of command and control of the sea lock. A simulator (virtual sluice) has been used during the design phase of the sea lock to visualize and validate system behavior.