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A portfolio of offerings to deliver value across four main domains

Train control systems and safety

Altran provides train control certification services that leverage Altran’s business developing safety critical control systems:

  • Critical software systems development
  • Safety engineering
  • Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)
  • Conformity assessment (Notified Body)

Train design and innovation

Altran designs digitization into trains for operators and passengers:

  • Innovative Design & Digitization
  • Mechanical and Electrical Train Design
  • Manufacturing 4.0

Operator and passenger systems & data

Altran provides IT, Internet-of-Things and Big Data solutions to Rail and Transportation clients:

  • Transport and passenger information systems development & operation
  • Transport application development
  • Data Analytics and predictive maintenance

Infrastructure project engineering

Altran brings systems engineering thinking to transportation mega-projects:

  • Project and requirements engineering
  • Infrastructure & tunnel simulation
  • Infrastructure modelling & BIM
  • Project safety & governance