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Transformation program support

Paving the way for an evolving strategy

To help Genzyme expand its development strategy into the sector of gene therapy for a major production site, the Altran World Class Center Life Sciences Process Excellence was entrusted with the task of structuring the program, setting out a roadmap and providing change management to ensure the successful transformation of the site’s activity.

E –health consortium

Development of an Artificial Pancreas

Designing a smart device to cure diabetes

Altran has designed and customized the complete back end of an artificial pancreas, retrieving and storing data from patients in a secure health-certified database, then creating different views & applications for patients, doctors and nurses to adjust and apply insulin doses delivered by the system.


Analytics Partnership

Reducing time to innovation with analytics and data science

To meet increasingly data-driven challenges of modern drug discovery requiring advanced computational and analytical techniques, Altran provides GSK with the flexibility and speed of a managed specialist analytics services model, enhancing clients’ innovation, quality and time-to-market capabilities.

Biomedical company

Development of an artificial heart

Providing multidisciplinary expertise for this major innovation

A multidisciplinary team of experts in mechanics, electronics, embedded software and biomaterials has been participating in the development of an orthotropic and biocompatible artificial heart. The device is completely implantable, including its electrical power supply and remote diagnosis systems.