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Altran has developed a specific portfolio of offerings tailored to the main challenges for clients in pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, medical devices and e-health, focusing on three major domains:

Innovative patient-centric product development

Altran is an end-to-end partner for the development of patient-centric, safe and compliant medical devices* and technologies covering all stages of the development. We provide our clients with a unique skill set – from product design, complex system engineering, human factors and mechanical engineering, through software, electronics and wireless communications to market access and product life cycle management:

  • Product Innovation & Design “From concept to prototype”
  • Product development & testing (ISO 13485 & 14971 global delivery centers) 
  • Combination products (Cambridge Consultants, a subsidiary of the Altran group)

Life Sciences digitization

To address increasing digitization trends and data explosion, Altran is providing big data analytics and IoT solutions and services, helping Life Sciences companies transform their business and organization, and generate value from data:

  • Digital strategy & roadmap
  • Data science & analytics services, enabling evidence-based decision-making across the value chain, delivered by our World Class Center for Analytics
  • IoT solutions with VueForge®, an end-to-end solution providing Life Science companies with advanced knowledge of connected devices, software, network technologies and platforms to develop new IoT applications that optimize performance and make for outcome-based healthcare, supported by our World Class Center IoT Solutions

Industrial Performance & Regulatory Compliance:

Altran is a worldwide leader in Business Process & Manufacturing Excellence, ensuring best-in-class compliance and performance:

  • Business Process Excellence: innovative consulting services to define and optimize core business processes and support organizational transformations, made possible by our World Class Center Life Sciences Process Excellence 
  • Quality & Compliance: Quality Management Systems, Quality Assurance (incl. remediation) & Quality Control 
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Process Engineering (incl. Commissioning & Qualification)
  • Manufacturing 4.0: Strategy & technology roadmap, advanced manufacturing technologies,  plant analytics & process mining, augmented operator solutions

Focus on leading-edge Solutions

VueForge® for Smart Adherence

A secure, end-to-end user-centric solution connecting any drug distribution device (pillboxes, blisters, etc.) and providing a communication platform between patients, doctors and pharma companies to monitor and improve adherence.

* Include imaging and non–imaging diagnostics, therapeutic devices and other medical equipment including drug delivery, combination product and companion diagnostics.