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Industrials and consumer goods

Real-time industrial asset tracking

Tracking tools in a high-constraint industrial environment

Aeronautics OEM

Factories are embracing a 4.0 revolution, and the wide spread development of connectivity and sensors allows for significant process optimization

Asset tracking and real-time tool localization in an industrial environment is key to reduce time on the assembly line and address inventory management, as well as other functions. 

Altran achieved key successful results: 

  • Full integration of several type of sensors equipped with LoRa connectivity 
  • Complete integration of the solution, including the back-end based on Altran’s IoT Platform VueForge® connect and the User Interface 
  • The system allows industrial companies to locate up to 60,000 assets in real-time in high-constraint industrial environments, where GPS or other connectivity solutions are not suitable 
  • Through real-time asset localization, industrial companies can reduce time on assembly lines and optimize inventory management, while preventing select tools from functioning when outside authorized zones

Smart Jacket – Augmented operator

Industrial Gases

Monitoring physically demanding work conditions & lone workers

A French multinational company that supplies industrial gases and services employs 50,000 workers on industrial or remote sites where some employees are isolated and/or work with potential hazardous working conditions

With complex legislation regulating working conditions in the 80 countries where this company operates, new solutions are expected to manage and monitor workers’ conditions, in order to: 

  • Ensure compliance with government regulations 
  • Increase the efficiency and safety of operators 

Altran achieved key successful results:

  • Definition of the E2E architecture according to the defined criteria, objectives and the variables to be monitored 
  • Complete integration of the worker monitoring solution, including sensors, connectivity, back-end Software platforms and user interface 
  • The system allows to monitor the location and activities of workers in real time, and analyze the information to prevent occupational risks and comply with regulations 
  • Workers are equipped with a system preventing mid-term health issues as well as increased workplace safety

Electronics / Semiconductors

Silicon Design project: Industrialized GlobalShore® project for ASIC verification



Tier 1 Telecom Infra provider

Altran manages an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Product Development Unit in its Global Delivery Center (GDC) in India to support a leading Telecom Equipment Provider. This digital radio ASIC Product Development Unit is responsible for securing the niche engineering skills required to perform ASIC Verification. Through this project, Altran actively contributes to the Next Generation of Radio Equipment supporting 5G technology while providing the client with upside Engineering R&D capacity.

Platform Design project: iNand reference board for a Digital Processor

Integrated Device Manufacturer

The board was based on the chipset of a leading semiconductor manufacturer, integrating Camera, SD/MMC interface, USB, DVI interface and Ethernet Interface

Altran fully developed the board with thermal analysis, signal integrity, battery and performance optimization.


The main activities covered were: design and development of reference hardware, BSP (Board Support Packages) & Android porting, device driver integration, test application, product testing & performance validation.

Product Design project: Lunar Lander Camera control system

European Union

The board, based on Radiation Tolerant FPGA, is in charge of video image acquisition from the CMOS sensor, video processing and telemetry / data transmission via the SpaceWire high-speed data interface.

Altran managed the full project (Board Design, FPGA Firmware, Software development and simulations) according to ESA requirements. Three sites were involved, with teams in Belgium, Italy and France.