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Expertise and scope of activities

Current scope of activities

Present in all the key segments of the Government sector, Altran has developed a global expertise combining deep business and technological expertise in the following areas: Public Administration - Public Finance - Justice -Defense & Homeland Security- Environment - Public Transportation - Health & Social Affairs – Education

Altran deploys a comprehensive range of solutions and services designed specifically to address our clients’ key challenges, outlined in the table below:

Dedicated Group Solutions for Government sector

- Enterprise Content Management

- Business Intelligence

- IT Governance

- IT Security

- Project Management

- Enterprise Performance

Specific Public Administration offering

- Dematerialisation

- Shared Services & Process Transformation

- Streamlining of Budgeting & Planning Processes

- Financial Dashboard for Government Services

- Compliance & Regulation

Altran is also considerably involved in the development of a global added value offering for the Public Health & Social Affairs sector to provide tailored consulting services and technological solutions in the areas of e-Health, Telemedicine and Preventive Health.