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Our challenges

Supporting the transformation of business models in terms of performance, regulations and methodology

"After years of strong growth that prompted the transformation and diversification of the services and activities of financial institutions, the recession has forced sector players to re-think their business models putting greater focus on tangible performance indicators and paying more attention to regulations and risk.

High volatility and uncertainty have affected many of the high-margin businesses that have underpinned profitability for years. As a result, banks are now refocusing on core activities in order to optimise efficiency, quality, innovation and clients' trust. Many control and revenue management systems and operational efficiency methods from other sectors are now set up for the benefits of the financial sector.

The financial crisis has also had a direct impact on regulations and risk management. While having to optimise their risk management tools, processes and structures, banks are also being subjected to increased scrutiny and new regulations which will directly impact operations and management strategies.

These trends are set against a wider background of technological change geared to optimise communication, interactivity and performance. These developments are of utmost importance at all levels of the financial sector since they will enable financial institutions to fine-tune their strategies, enhance their services and thus set themselves apart from their competitors."

Réjane Prioux, Marketing Manager - Financial Services

Altran in the Financial Services industry