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ITER project owner’s engineering

Participation in the design and build of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor

Altran provides owner’s engineering services for the ITER project, one of the largest international Energy research projects, aiming to demonstrate the technical and scientific feasibility of nuclear fusion as a new energy source. As a part of the management process for the construction of the platform’s forty industrial buildings, the Group is responsible for supervising and carrying out general assessments at each stage of the project.


Altran is also in charge of analyzing technical and contractual modification requests, as well as managing the program and consolidating monitoring indicators for final delivery to the ITER Organization.

Development of Wind Turbine Towers

Market strategy & design to help client’s develop new activities

Altran has pioneered the strategy to develop  client’s activities in the field of concrete tower production for wind turbines. Altran provided strategic and technical consultancy by conducting worldwide market surveys while coordinating different disciplines for the launch of the activity such as:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Product Development
  • Civil Engineering
  • Strategic alliances




Wind Power OEM

Monitoring a next-generation power plant

Performance optimization for clients’ thermal power plants

Thermal Utility

Altran’s e-monitoring support services are designed to help customers optimize thermal power plant performance. These services include checking and analyzing performance indicators of thermal power plants, as well as gathering and interpreting temperature, pressure, output and vibration

data. Our multidisciplinary team ensured optimal service suited to the client’s specific needs, guaranteeing compliance of the project in terms of quality of deliverables and deadlines.

Boosting Operational Performance

BP estimates that improved drilling generates $200 million in savings

Deploying data analytics technology across a number of challenging wells has allowed BP to maximize drilling efficiency, saving an estimated $200 million in capital expenditure by reducing non-productive time. 


BP’s experts have access to clear visualizations of vast quantities of real-time data, allowing them to spot potentially unsafe and costly issues before they happen.

Supporting specialized Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) storage systems

Engineering consultancy services to ensure compliance at all levels

Altran delivered engineering consultancy services to ensure compliance of SNF storage systems with regulatory requirements at the structural, thermal and shielding/criticality levels through it’s Global Delivery Center in India. 

Altran ran various computer simulations and mathematical calcinations to verify that regulatory requirements are met, in terms of functional design and licensing.  A dedicated team further performed nuclear radiation and criticality analyses, as well as thermal calculations, 

Nuclear Utility

structural/mechanical analyses and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessments for SNF casks and related components.

Nuclear safety & design service center

Improve performance and efficiency for nuclear studies

Altran provides nuclear safety and core design services, leading studies on the existing fleet, new build and R&D projects for this global leader in Nuclear Energy.

These services are delivered in a flexible managed service model serving different sites. Backed by Altran’s Nuclear Engineering Expertise Center  the team provides probabilistic and deterministic safety studies, neutronics, thermo-hydraulic simulations and calculations, while developing new tools to optimize the efficiency and the quality of delivery.

Nuclear OEM