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“Global partner for tailored and sustainable energy solutions”


The energy industry is facing countless challenges. Unsustainably low oil prices have led to limited exploration & production activities in the Oil & Gas sector. Moreover, shale gas operations and strong growth of renewables and distributed energy generation contributed to an overcapacity of electricity production in continental Europe, with production costs for utilities at higher level than the market price. At the same time, the UK is becoming the most attractive landscape for nuclear power. The digital transformation disrupts the entire Energy value chain and represents a major challenge for all players to improve performance and generate new revenue streams.


In the current industry scenario, Altran is committed to increasing engineering quality, reducing costs, optimizing clients’ assets and supporting energy players in capturing value from the digital disruption.

Leveraging a unique set of engineering capabilities and transformational approaches, Altran helps its clients overcome their challenges in three main domains:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Energy Digitization
  • Energy Transition

Key facts

  • More than 30 years of expertise in the energy industry
  • A network of more than 2,500 specialists located in over 15 countries
  • Partnerships with major players in the energy sector 
  • An innovative footprint, leveraging cross-industry synergies with best-in-class offerings addressing the global energy value chain (utilities, nuclear, renewables and Oil & Gas) supported by Altran World Class Centers
  • Seamless delivery at world-wide level based on Altran Global Delivery Centers (India, Morocco, etc.)
  • A combination of technological expertise and deep business knowledge of the energy industry
  • Altran complies with international industry norms, standards and requirements (RCC-M, BPVC, GSR, ISO, etc.) and has specific qualifications such as UTO, CAEAR and Q-N-100