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Key assets

Wind Power Expertise Center

The significant growth in wind power development in recent years has led wind energy to an outstanding position in the power sector. 

Over the years, Altran has developed an expertise center to support its clients in:

  • Strategy consulting & due diligence 
  • System Design & Development
  • Owner’s engineering
  • Offshore Wind Engineering

Altran collaborates with major players in the Wind industry, guiding them throughout the value chain from Wind Energy Market Analysis and Corporate Strategy to Wind Turbine Technology Expertise and Manufacturing, offering both specific technical expertise and cross-cutting solutions. 

Altran Smart Energy Research & Innovation program and patents

As facilities age and competitiveness becomes a major concern for the nuclear power industry, Altran is set to help its clients with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions. The Group has registered two patents for plant life extension and decommissioning, based on the Altran Smart Energy R&I program:

  • The RULES (Remaining Useful Life Estimation) solution  provides a checkup of equipment and materials under pressure, facilitating the decision-making processes regarding nuclear plant life expectancy and decreasing failures and cost of maintenance

  • The ANDRO (Advanced Nuclear Decommissioning Robotics) robot accelerates plant mapping, essential for decommissioning and security operations. It further optimizes performance, reduces working costs and delays and focuses on health, economic and sustainability criteria