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Major global premium 

        car maker

Passive Safety

Side Crash and Interior safety 

Altran managed a project with the objective to reach safety targets with minimum amount of prototypes and shortened development time. It included new US pole-impact requirements, curtain Airbag deployment simulation and FMH-Head Impact (Free Motion Headform). 

As a result, the vehicle was developed and certified according to the required legislations, thanks to:

  • Engineering, simulation and testing
  • Local integration
  • Usage of a new CAE (Computer-aided engineering) method of curtain airbag deployment simulation for full temperature range

Major global premium

          car maker


A first near series prototype 

Altran team has setup test drive with the following objectives to answer: Construction, development and integration of a camera-monitor-system which replaces completely the exterior and the interior mirrors.

This was possible by implementing an end-to-end responsibility for functional, Hardware, and Software topics.

This solution was a first near series prototype of a rear view mirror replacement system on the market with a stitched panorama view.


manufacturing player

Manufacturing technologies

New advanced material for the factory of the future 


Altran’s engineers developed the modeling and tuning of Resin Transfer Molding (Closed Mold) and Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding, using:

  • FEM development (Finite Element Method)
  • Process numerical simulation
  • Numerical simulation tuning via experimental correlation  (permeability, viscosity)
  • Sensitivity analysis of process variables 


It allowed to help our customers to identify and test new materials that can reduce cost or increase performance and reliability of testing. 




  Major automotive 

technology provider

Innovating for Driver & Road Safety

Extending the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) experience to improve real-time reliability and user safety


Altran has developed a project for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) for a major automotive technology provider. The main goal was to deliver a software solution that connect the navigation and parking sensors, wheel alignment warnings, head-up displays, and other connected devices such as cell phones, radios and user screens. This deeply integrated system allows superior real-time monitoring and control of the vehicle status, thus enhancing its reliability and driving safety, while improving user experience. Altran has been selected for this project given its Industrialized GlobalShore® footprint, combined with a respectable track record on software engineering of embedded solutions for critical applications in sectors such as aerospace, defence, automotive and health domains. The project was delivered from the Global Delivery Center in Portugal.