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A portfolio of offers to deliver value across 3 main domains

Autonomous Driving & Connectivity

Altran accelerates your innovation and integration on Autonomous Driving and Connectivity features leveraging global expertise and asset-based solutions

  • Autonomous Driving / ADAS - see the focus on VueForge® for ADAS Verification
  • Infotainment / Connectivity
  • Electric /Electronic architecture – see the focus on CoherenSE®

Powertrain & Electro mobility

Altran overcomes your key challenges with keen expertise in hybrid / electric powertrains, from integration to validation

  • Electric Powertrain
  • Powertrain Testing

Complete Vehicle Development

Altran supports your complete vehicle development with end-to-end capabilities for design and manufacturing, from system up to complete vehicle derivate

  • Style & Design 
  • Class A Surfacing 
  • Body in white 
  • Lighting 
  • Passive Safety
  • Manufacturing 4.0

Focus on leading-edge Solutions

VueForge® for ADAS Verification

As an all-in-one ADAS testing platform, this Altran Solution provides cost-savings and faster time to market to manage the increasing volume & complexity of data. 


Developed by Altran and Jaguar Land Rover, CoherenSE® is a solution that accelerates and makes possible advanced software-based automotive features such as autonomous driving.