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Key assets

A unique Style and Design Center

This Center is devoted to research, conception and development of solutions for style and design activities, in particular for the automotive sector. 

Located in Turin, the Center is spread over an area of about 1200 square meters gathering dedicated workspace for designers, CAS (Computer-Aided Software) modelers, user experience and interface designers. An area is dedicated to Virtual Reality Display with virtual rooms equipped with immersive stereoscopic vision. 

It allows to better manage time and tools of client, especially in the first step of the industrialization process, from the elaboration of the concept to the realization of the first mathematical models.

A World Class Center dedicated to Passive Safety

Safety is one of the key challenges in the automotive sector, a fact that prompted Altran to broaden its range of expertise in this domain. 

Based in Austria, this World Class Center (WCC) is focusing on Simulation and Physical Testing leveraging its know-how in Engineering, Simulation and Testing, for the automotive industry. 

The crash-test facilities meet the requirements of the United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe Vehicle Regulations, European directives and American FMVSS standards (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards).



A vehicle Testing center for functional testing and diagnostics on vehicles

Located in Turin, this center  with more than 350 square meters is equipped with vacuum cleaners and chassis dynamometer to perform static and dynamic tests in parallel.

This facility adds to other development infrastructures already developed by Altran in the automotive business, testing capabilities for electronic systems (sound system, engine control and transmission, body computer, instrument panels and info telematics) and mechanical systems (design and virtual validation). 

This Testing center  offers its customers complete solutions and services and allows the verification and evaluation of functionalities for different types of vehicles, light and heavy, in real conditions of use. 

3D printing with Divergent

Divergent, our US-based strategic partner, has created a software-hardware platform enabled by 3D printing (Divergent Manufacturing Platform™). It is focused on radically transforming the economics and adverse environmental impact of designing and manufacturing complex structures. 

Its innovative production process reduces the environmental damage caused by cars, radically lowers capital costs for design and manufacturing, and dramatically accelerates innovation, especially in the automotive sector.