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CoherenSE® - Complexity managed

A Software Platform for Next Generation Intelligent Vehicles and Machines

A major shift in vehicle Software and Electronics, with increased technological complexity

The automotive world is facing a major shift in market, technology and consumer expectations. 

Disruptive technologies have brought many exciting opportunities to the automotive industry. The complexity of engineering automotive systems is skyrocketing.

This is driven by the proliferation of new electronic controls and sensors, as well as the sharp increase in software content to introduce more intelligence on-board. However this trend is challenging existing vehicle software and electronics architectures and creating more and more complex architectures, increasing integration costs, weight and emissions.

This is only the beginning.

The industry is facing a tsunami of software and electronics content that will enable highly-integrated features such as Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving.

Due to functional limitations, increasing integrations costs and associated complexity, the current patchwork approach of adding ECUs for new features is no longer a sustainable option.

A new solution has to be found

CoherenSE®, a revolutionary solution

CoherenSE® has been developed to leverage and strengthen the engineering of increasingly complex intelligent systems and empowers traditional Electrical and Electronic (E/E) automotive architectures.

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What is CoherenSE®?

  • An enabler for Advanced ADAS, Autonomous Driving, V2X, Over the Air Updates, Remote Diagnostic… and an end-to-end solution comprising 
  • A middleware with a run-time library available on a choice of Operating Systems and Hypervisors, providing the platform for compatible services to run and interact.
  • A development kit to provide the complete package for testing and developing with CoherenSE®
  • A set of tools for System design and integration (topology management, proxy/stub generators, R-XML AUTOSAR generator…) and development of CoherenSE® compatible services
  • Training on methods and tools
  • Consultancy and technical engineering services
  • Maintenance and Support throughout

CoherenSE®, value proposition

CoherenSE® is a software solution developed by Altran that accelerates and makes possible advanced automotive features such as autonomous driving.

Through a modular approach, it gives a full command and control of the vehicle to manage the growing complexity of systems throughout the product lifetime.

It also contributes to cost and weight reduction by streamlining hardware content.


CoherenSE® enables future vehicles to be updated and customized like smartphones today, but with automotive grade quality, safety and cyber security built in.

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