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“Helping companies spread their wings and fly all over the world”


Aeronautics industry is evolving and is entering in a new phase with new activities and skills required. This complex and centralized market need to address a wide range of challenges from the transition towards incremental development to the production ramp up issue and the development of new services. Digitization will also disrupt this traditional industry.


Altran is a global player leveraging industry excellence to enable legacy and disruptive stakeholders to tackle their R&D, production and business challenges in 3 main domains: 

  • Complex & safe multidisciplinary aircraft development
  • Production ramp-up efficiency & Industry of the Future
  • Disruptive services & connectivity

Key facts

  • First industry addressed by Altran more than 30 years ago
  • A network of 3,000 specialists supporting operation worldwide
  • Several partnerships with large companies in the sector: supporting all major players of the European and international industry
  • A portfolio of offers covering all the aeronautics and air transport value chain
  • Proven ability to help OEMs to introduce innovative product enhancements  leveraging cross industry best practices and innovation management 
  • A combination of technological expertise and a deep business knowledge of the industry
  • A key stakeholder of the aerospace industry at European level: member of the French Aerospace Industries association (GIFAS), board member of GIFAS and GEAD (Aeronautics and Defense Equipment Manufacturers Group) and International Commission in France, and member of the national European aerospace clusters