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A portfolio of offers to deliver value across 3 main domains

Complex & safe multidisciplinary aircraft development

Altran accelerates your aircraft development  from design to manufacturing & customer services, with innovative end-to-end capabilities, while tackling your challenges in environment, regulatory and security:

  • Aerostructure
  • Flight physics
  • Energetics
  • Intelligent system product engineering  
  • Board to board safety

Production ramp-up efficiency & Industry of the Future

Altran enhances  your ramp up performance while accompanying you in  the development of the industrial roadmap towards the next generation of smart & digital factories (Industry 4.0) leveraging deep expertise and methods in the industrial environment:

  • Manufacturing engineering and supply chain
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Quality



Disruptive services & connectivity

Altran boosts your innovation on new services and revenue streams integrating a high aerospace understanding and a cross-industry experience in industrial analytics & IoT:

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul 
  • Connected aircraft
  • Air traffic management/navigation