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Key assets

An expertise center dedicated to Cabin Interiors

Based in Germany, this expertise center supervises all activities related to cabin interiors: from design studies to special product certifications. It also promotes research and development tasks in a targeted manner, for example with the use of 3D printers for cabin equipment. In this case, Altran analyzes clients’ needs according to fields of application for 3D technology, helping them produce ever more complex parts while achieving weight reduction. The group DOA is a key asset here.

MyCabin.com, an innovative cabin for a seamless journey

Altran has developed an innovative cabin for a seamless journey involving thinking beyond traditional cabin design. Developing a “seamless travel experience” involves putting the user at the center of the design process.

The Wings Valley® concept, ushering in a new era in aircraft maintenance

The Wings Valley®  is a concept comprising:

  • An expertise center: intervening in a variety of fields, ranging from cabin completion, engineering development and data management to innovative repair technologies.
  • An educative center: the Altran MRO Institute of Technology, a pool of international training institutes, working in partnership with engineering schools.
  • A world-class IT system and supply-chain back office: an international network of hand-picked “VIP” MRO services providers.
  • An innovative architecture: architecture allowing access for all business jets and helicopters and meeting the key environmental, safety and security parameters.


Aviation District is a derivative of Wings Valley® In 2014, Dubai World Central appointed Altran as its advisor and services designer for the development of the Aviation District, the first innovative maintenance services center dedicated to business jets and helicopters.

AICAM, the Altran Innovation Center in Advanced Manufacturing

AICAM, located in Cadiz, Spain, aims to work on innovation projects that represent an improvement in efficiency and product manufacturing.

The projects already launched are virtual manufacturing and advanced modeling and simulation of industrial processes.

Design to X, a methodology to design or redesign a product, a process or a service with cost, weight or value as the primary concern

Our Design to X methodology can address any key value and is most usually used for:

  • Design to Cost reduces the cost of the system whilst maintaining its performances.
  • Design to Weight streamlines the system whilst maintaining its performances.
  • Design to Value maximizes value perception.

Our methodology is a targeted blend of Agile System Engineering, creativity techniques and cost analysis methods, and has proven its capability to improve cost, weight and value without any adverse effects on the system’s performances

Innsite, an innovation powerhouse by Altran

Innsite is a pioneering center located in Madrid, conceived as a state-of-the-art innovation facility for the Group

to serve its customers, partners and institutions. Designed to help create and exchange ideas while promoting experiences, Innsite brings companies in search of innovation, entrepreneurs, start-ups and talented professionals with a trend-setting space for Innovation and R&D. Innsite is currently home to 100 professionals developing their own R&D ventures, as well as more than 450 engineers participating in innovative and added-value projects with customers.