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23 November 2015

The Altran Group unveils new strategic plan: ‘Altran 2020. Ignition’

Today, the Altran Group announced a new plan that will set the strategic direction of the company for the next five years:

"Altran 2020. Ignition has been designed to answer the evolving needs of our clients. First, we are going to increase the value of what we offer to clients. Therefore, we will complement our current offering by channeling all the expertise, assets and intellectual property worldwide through a series of dedicated world-class centers. Second, clients expect us to be more and more industrial. They want the best that the planet can offer at the best possible price. Hence, we are going to build the world's premier offshore capability in ER&D services. Finally, we cannot be global without significantly ramping up in some key markets, and notably developing a major presence in the USA.

This strategic plan is a growth story that will benefit our clients, our shareholders and our 25,000 engineers and consultants. We will execute to be more global, more innovative, and will sharpen our business models to better serve our customers. We will maintain an ultimate attention on operations and customer satisfaction." said Dominique Cerutti, Chairman & CEO of the Group. 

Learn more about Altran 2020. Ignition; read the full press release here.