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The role of the business manager

As a business manager at Altran, you will contribute to the Group's strategy and to its growth. Your main focus will be on client management activities and on the acquisition of new contracts, with the aim of increasing the value delivered to our clients and to improve turnover and cross-selling. You will be responsible for your own business unit, within one of the Group's Industries or Solutions. 

Managing your team

Your role is not, however, limited to commercial development alone. Using your interpersonal skills, you will play an important role in human resource management in your business centre, recruiting and advising the consultants who join your team, and helping to guide their professional development. 

A continuous education programme

As soon as you join Altran, and throughout your career within the Group, you will be able to access the training programmes provided by our International Management Academy. You will be able to draw from the expertise of our executives, gaining insight from their experience and having access to effective tools to help develop your talents and skills, and meet your objectives. 

All new managers benefit from a specific training programme, the goal of which is to provide the basics for the manager's role: the Group's positioning and offering, process, best practices, practical exercises, simulations, role play.