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The role of the consultant

Altran's consultants provide our clients with innovative solutions to help them design better products, services and manufacturing processes, or improve existing ones. Consultants operate on many levels, depending on their experience, particularly in research and development, project management and contract management. As consultant engineers specialising in innovative technologies, they master all their high tech issues and solutions.

Our consultants know how to identify new problems and find the corresponding innovative solutions. They design and improve our clients' products, processes, services and manufacturing techniques using detailed analysis of the current situation and/or through their knowledge of current practice. As a consultant, you will have to find pertinent, innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems. 

Required technical competences

Our consultants must be skilled in one or more of the following areas: physical sciences, electronics, signal processing, scientific computing, automated control engineering, reliability, methodology, telecommunications, production management and technical engineering, etc.

As a young graduate joining Altran, your first role as consultant will see you working with our clients in close conjunction with managers, industry leaders and project managers. You will see your career progress in line with your expectations and your competences. 

Team spirit, client focus

Our consultants work on projects as a team, either at our premises or on-site with our clients. These projects are managed by senior consultants who have the technical expertise needed to manage the team. This allows our consultants to regularly build on the expertise and knowledge which they need to contribute to future projects.

Altran's experience in its skills areas and in its markets allows it to offer its clients a variable level of support and of commitment adapted to their individual needs. Altran consultants may equally be involved as technical assistance or as part of the project team, or as project organisation with a level of commitment in terms of quality or results, costs and deadlines.

Major career opportunities

Consultants benefit from a wide range of opportunities, in terms of industry practices, level of involvement and/or field of responsibility (expertise, technical project management, team management, commercial development, etc.).