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The development of knowledge and skills is a constant and essential part of the Altran experience.

Training academies in major countries

Each country has a training academy charged with meeting the specific needs of staff in each country, in the following areas:

  • Technology 
  • Languages 
  • Project and team management 
  • Business development 
  • Personal development

The International Management Academy, Altran's internal training centre

At Group level, the IMA (International Management Academy) is the professional development centre for managers and the sales force. The IMA develops and implements sales and managerial training programmes (both in person and via e-learning) shared across the various countries.

Its role is to support staff in their accountability and their development (new career role, new responsibilities, etc.) and to open up the path to a successful career.

Thanks to the participation of executives and experienced staff in its classes, the IMA is able to help diffuse the Altran culture across all of its entities, allowing everyone to develop their network.

The different training routes provided by the IMA are regularly updated, to take into account developments within the organisations and career areas within the Group, but also to meet the demands of staff. 

Sébastien Lauvergne, IMA Director

The IMA path

"In addition to the training courses that we have set up in the various IMA centres internationally, we also offer Altran staff the option of distance training. This solution is more flexible and less restrictive for our staff whose availability due to location and working hours may differ. These tools give access to interactive education content in a variety of domains (project management, communication, Six Sigma, preparation for PMP/PMI, classes in Sun Microsystems Java, MS.NET, MS Project…). Assessments allow progress to be evaluated and reinforce any of the learner's weak spots."

Sébastien Lauvergne, IMA Director