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Ensuring our employees' satisfaction

The Altran group, global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting, is used to measuring its clients’ satisfaction every year.

In 2013, Altran has decided to also measure its 20,000 Innovation Makers’ (Consultants, Support Functions and Managers throughout the world) satisfaction. 

An annual Employee Feedback Programme survey, entrusted to an external agency, will give a real employees’ satisfaction barometer to identify the improvements to develop in terms of organisation and quality of working life but also measure its evolution over the years.

The employees are our human capital and the Group’s most valuable asset. It is thanks to them that Altran can fulfill its first objective: better serve our clients.

Every Innovation Maker is invited to answer an online questionnaire on the following themes:

“My job and I”, 

“My Altran Manager and I”, 

“Me and my personal situation within Altran”, 

“The Altran group and I”.

After analysis of the questionnaire results, measures will be taken to improve the process, the management and meets the employees’ needs as closely as possible.

This global action complements the local iniatives such as the prevention of psycho-social risks already led by Altran France. 


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