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Quality Policy


"We are committed to achieve satisfaction of our customers in engineering domains by exceeding their expectations and ensuring on time delivery with continual improvement of our processes"


Date: 24th March 2014                                                              Version 3.0              


Information Security Management System Policy


"We are committed to follow a risk assessment method to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, to maintain business continuity and to consistently improve our people through processes and technology controls"


Date: 4th December 2013                                                           Version 1.0           


                      Environmental Policy


“We are committed to operate with highest regard for the environment, preventing pollution, fulfilling compliance obligations and continually improving our processes to reduce environmental impact”.

Date: 1st September 2016                                                           Version 1.2




          Occupational Health And Safety Policy 


“We are committed to Health and Safety by removing or reducing risks associated with health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors and visitors including those affected by our business operations. This is achieved by performing risk assessments, complying with OHSAS legal and other requirements with continual improvement of our processes to enhance OHSAS performance.”


Date:3rd February 2016                                                                       Version: 1.0